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"CSI was founded with a core principle: Clients matter the most."

- Gene M. Valentino, CEO

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Gene Valentino

"CollectorSolutions was founded with a core principle: That its operating platform would be a client-based solution addressing business efficiency."

- Gene M. Valentino, Founder & CEO

About CSI

Since inception in 1999 the goal has been to provide multiple methods of payment, collection, billing, data movement with unsurpassed protection of data and funds. To date there has been no compromise. CSI’s core principles have always put the client’s needs and their customer’ payment preferences first. CSI understands that customers shape the payment options that clients expect CSI to provide. CSI is prepared for the ‘cashless society’.

CSI’s growth this last decade was with the electronic processing of credit card, debit card, and electronic check payments. CSI’s ‘elastic’ technology platform is poised for quick adoption and adaptation of future client expectations. This exceptionally-responsive payment solution demands a sophistication that distinguishes CSI from its competition.

CSI's Mission

The CSI mission is to provide its clients with an integrated solution; satisfying diverse cultural, technological, business, financial and data integration demand on internet-enabled platforms. These platforms integrate the client solution with all related industry partners. Empowering them with the ability to bridge their business enterprise packages into one unified solution.

Putting clients first is what has allowed us to be the most operationally efficient among our peers.

Payments processed per employee in millions

Putting clients first is what has allowed us to grow.

  1. 2000

    CSI processes first payment with Escambia County Tax Collector.

  2. 2004

    First billion dollars processed in a year.

  3. 2005

    CSI wins its First State-wide Contract.

  4. 2007

    2 billion dollars processed in a year.

  5. 2007

    CSI partners with significant Utilities CIS provider.

  6. 2010

    CSI reaches its 100 client milestone.

  7. 2011

    CSI's client base doubles in a year to 200.

  8. Today

    CSI processes $3.6 billion in a year & tops 276 clients.

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